S-Drill™ SP

Is a group I superplasticizer additive, which regulates the properties of the concrete mixture during the production of ready-mix concrete, reinforced concrete, plaster mortars and semi-dry screeds.

  •     Increases the strength of concrete by 1-2 classes;
  •     Increases the density and homogeneity of the concrete mixture;
  •     Saves up to 22% of cement;
  •     Ensures a consistent plasticizing effect (does not depend on the component mixing sequence);
  •     Does not involve extra air;
  •     Does not cause corrosion of steel and efflorescence (does not contain chlorides).

For ready-mix concrete

  •     Increases the mobility of the concrete mixture from P1 to P5;
  •     Improves consistency and workability;
  •     Does not lead to spontaneous separation of the mixture components;
  •     Has a high water-holding capacity;
  •     The dosage is 0.8 - 1.5% of the total cement weight.

For reinforced concrete

  •     Effective for dense reinforcement of products;
  •     Reduces concrete cracking, prevents spalling;
  •     Ensures smooth, straight edges of products;
  •     Facilitates the creation of a cast concrete mixture, which easily fills the formwork;
  •     Reduces the duration and temperature of stream treatment;
  •     Reduces the duration and cost of the vibration compaction of products, improves productivity, etc.;
  •     The dosage is 0.4 - 1.0% of the total cement weight.

For plaster mortars

  •     Increases the strength of the plaster layer;
  •     Increases adhesion and elasticity;
  •     Reduces cracking, prevents spalling;
  •     Prevents delamination;
  •     Improves the stability of mortar;
  •     Ensures easy application on the walls;
  •     Ensures high penetration into concrete.

For semi-dry screeds

  •     Increases the durability of self-leveling floors;
  •     Ensures a flat floor;
  •     Reduces cracking;
  •     Provides high preservation of the mobility of mortar mixes;
  •     Provides uniform strength development;
  •     Suitable for installation of underfloor heating;
  •     Compatible with anti-freeze additives and with all types of dry mortar mixes.

The S-Drill™ SP superplastisticizer is an environmentally friendly product. It is supplied in containers of various capacities, in cans and in IBC tanks. It does not contain lignosulfonates or naphthalenesulfonates that can become a source of emission of harmful gases (ammonia, formaldehyde).

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