Complex feed additive

SynergySorb® Detox-Myco

A natural polyphenol compound manufactured from plant materials — hydrolyzed lignin, which corresponds to acid detergent fiber (ADF) and acid detergent lignin (ADL) according to the classification of the US National Research Council. It does not contain microorganisms, GMOs, antibiotics and harmful impurities (heavy metals, dioxins).

  •    Controls pathogenic microflora. It has antagonistic activity against pathogenic microflora (Salmonella, E. coli), thereby providing a preventive effect for gastrointestinal dysbiosis, diarrhoea and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  •    Participates in the normalisation of intestinal microbiocenosis. Has a prebiotic and bifidogenic effect, stimulates growth of beneficial microflora (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli);
  •    Prevents toxicosis. Reduces the amount of toxic substances in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing their entry into the blood and the functional load on the liver, which makes it possible to more fully use its detoxification potential to mitigate the signs of toxicity;
  •    Improves digestibility of nutrients and biologically active substances, proteins by selectively stimulating beneficial microflora. In particular, bifidobacteria are involved in protein, lipid and mineral metabolism; have a beneficial effect on the secretory function of the intestines; promote absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D;
  •    Does not accumulate in the rumen and is not traumatic, does not damage mucous membranes of internal organs, unlike heavy and abrasive mineral additives;
  •    Increases activity of nonspecific immunity and productivity due to the binding of pathogens and their metabolites;
  •    Improves the quality of compound feed during the pelleting process. Improves pellet strength, reduces pellet flaking, improves sanitary and hygienic conditions; reduces energy consumption during the pelleting process, prevents oxidation of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in feed for poultry, pigs and fish;
  •    Is used as a pellet fixer for feeding sturgeon. Improves physical properties of pallets: hardness 43H, swelling in water 163 minutes, bulk density 610 g/l, density 1.49 g/cm.


The use of the polyphenol compound in diets of young cattle promotes the detoxification of the body from the harmful effects of mycotoxins and other xenobiotics. The additive has a preventive effect for diseases of the digestive system, normalizes digestion and assimilation of nutrients in feed, improves the body's immune protection and productivity indicators.

  •     Improved livestock safety;
  •     Reduction of cost per kilo down to 6.8 - 7.4%;
  •     Reduction of feed consumption per kilo of weight gain down to 7.2 - 7.4%;
  •     Increased total live weight gain up to 6.5 - 8.6%.



The application of SynergySorb® Detox-myco in cattle diets promotes the elimination of toxic substances within the intraintestinal contents, supports the balance of beneficial microflora in the gastrointestinal tract while improving the use of protein and minerals in feed, which has a positive effect on all metabolic processes and dairy productivity.

  •     Increase in the average daily natural fat milk yield up to 5.3%;
  •     Increase in the average daily 3.6% fat milk yield up to 5.6%;
  •     Increase in the level of butterfat up to 0.02 of a percentage point.



The use of feed additive in pig diets reduces the toxic impact on the body, stabilizes metabolic processes, which contributes to better nutrient digestibility of feed and has a positive effect on productivity.

  •     Increase in the total live weight gain up to 8.2%;
  •     Reduction of feed consumption per kilo of weight gain down to 7.9%;
  •     Reduction of cost per kilo gain down to 6.8%;
  •     Reduced mortality.


The inclusion of the SynergySorb® Detox-myco feed additive in poultry diets reduces the toxic impact on the body, which contributes to a more complete realization of the productive potential of poultry. Furthermore, it has an adhesive property to bind feed particles during the pelleting process, thereby ensuring pellet strength, reducing the percentage of flake fraction (crumbliness of pellets), and improving feed hygiene and consumption.

  •     Increase in the total live weight gain up to 6.3 - 9.9%;
  •     Improved livestock safety;
  •     Reduction of cost per kilo down to 6.3 - 9.0%;
  •     Reduction of feed consumption per kilo of weight gain down to 6.3 - 8.9%;
  •     Improved immunity.


Storage and transportation

Should be stored in a dry and cool place. Storage next to strong-smelling substances and poisons is forbidden. Guaranteed storage life is two years from the date of manufacture.

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